Best RV Insulation To Reduce Engine Heat and Noise

Best RV Insulation for Excessive Heat

I found the best RV insulation to help reduce the heat and noise our class A motorhome produces. The excessive heat in the cab of the motorhome made our travel nearly unbearable in hot weather. Like, sweat running down your legs type heatThe heat was only one part of the problem. The noise was so loud on the highway, we couldn’t carry on a conversation.

reduced excessive heat from the RV engine

After some research, I discovered I could order an engine heat shield and cover the underside of the dog house to help keep the engine heat and noise at a minimum.

Remove the Dog House Cover

We received the engine heat shield yesterday and promptly tore into the dog house to install it. Getting the cover off was easier than I thought. There are two screws in the bottom of the cup holder tray that attaches it to the dog house. I removed the screws then opened the clips on each side, and slid the cover off. Easy!

You can see in the photo above there is no insulation around the inside of the green fiberglass edging and some of the factory-installed insulation was just hanging from the bottom side of the opening.

After I removed the dog house cover, I realized there was some very thin insulation there but it was not adequate and it did not extend to the edges of the cover.

Apply the Engine Heat Shield

best rv insulation

The image above shows the cover with the new insulation in place. It’s very thick at 3/4 of an inch but I specifically chose it because the reviews were excellent and we really needed a solution to the engine heat.

Be forewarned, this stuff is very sticky. Make sure it doesn’t touch anything until you have it in the right place. I also made sure to leave enough excess to push into the space behind the rubber seal. I used a utility knife to trim the excess.

engine heat shield

I also added engine heat shield to the inside edges of the dog house. I wanted to do as much as possible to keep the heat and noise down in the cab of the motorhome.

This Mod Reduced the Heat and Noise Significantly

After this modification, the heat and noise were noticeably decreased in the motorhome cab. It was much more pleasant to ride and drive up there especially and really hot days. Give this mod a try, you’ll be glad you did.

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6 thoughts on “Best RV Insulation To Reduce Engine Heat and Noise”

  1. I’m sorry did I miss something, what’s the name of the product you used to keep the sound and heat down in your motorhome ?
    Thanks glenn

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Rob or Juley – I have a very random question for you – we just purchased a new Class A motorhome by coachmen yesterday. The engine cover does not have a drink caddy on it and when I googled images to look for something low profile to add on – a photo of your console caddy popped up. I was just curious if that was something you added on and if so – where did you get it. We need the tan neutral color as well. Hope you guys are doing well – looks like a fun blog!! Thanks if you can help provide any info about where your drink holder on the engine cover came from.

    Kevin Kyle
    Waco, TX

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