Travel Stories

Travel stories from my RV life. Places we’ve been, sites we’ve seen, and even time spent in the middle of nowhere. I’ve included a lot of pictures so you can really get a feel for each place. 

I made it home to my daughter’s house in Portland on Monday. I’ve been here a full week now. Fastest week ever! I was greeted by four awesome little people who yelled Grammie! at the tops of their lungs when I arrived. What could be better?

Home For The Holidays – Christmas in an RV Read More

A few days ago, I found a list of Sixteen Free RV Parks in Texas with hook-ups and chose one to visit for a couple of days so I could dump my tanks and catch up on laundry. These “free” parks generally have a place to leave a donation and I always do.

1 Broken Sewer Hookup Causes Complete Chaos Read More

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