Travel Stories

Travel stories from my RV life. Places we’ve been, sites we’ve seen, and even time spent in the middle of nowhere. I’ve included a lot of pictures so you can really get a feel for each place. 

Our Spectacular Fall RV Trip – A 6,000 Mile Adventure

Murphy and I left Washington on October 1, 2020 for another grand adventure. Our trip was filled with crazy weather conditions, beautiful boondocking locations, new friends, magical sunsets, and plenty of solitude.

Home For The Holidays – Christmas in an RV

I made it home to my daughter’s house in Portland on Monday. I’ve been here a full week now. Fastest week ever! I was greeted by four awesome little people who yelled Grammie! at the tops of their lungs when I arrived. What could be better?

1 Broken Sewer Hookup Causes Complete Chaos

A few days ago, I found a list of Sixteen Free RV Parks in Texas with hook-ups and chose one to visit for a couple of days so I could dump my tanks and catch up on laundry. These “free” parks generally have a place to leave a donation and I always do.

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