Boondocking and dry camping inspiration, locations, tips, tricks. 

After consulting, I found a place for an overnight stay on our way south. In Central California, just off I-5, there is a resort seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Harris Ranch Restaurant and Resort.

I’ve mentioned Harvest Hosts in previous posts and I have another one to tell you about. Vista Ranch is a twenty-acre farm is outside Merced, CA in an agricultural region.

After leaving Needle Mountain Road BLM I was wracked with indecision. Do I go east through southern California or north through Las Vegas? I couldn’t decide so I just started driving and when I came to the cut off to Vegas I took it. Decision made.

After leaving Lake Havasu City behind we went scouting for another place to camp fairly close by. I had three options in mind all within forty miles. I’m in heading home mode now and I was looking for something comfortable for an overnight stay.

Overall I really enjoyed our eleven-day boondock in Quartzsite.

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