5 Benefits of Free Casino Camping

It’s Free!

When I’m on the road one of my favorite ways to stop for the night is to take advantage of free casino camping. It’s no secret I love a good, free camping site. I also love space, give me all the space! Casino camping usually gives me those things.

Casino camping is dry camping, in a casino parking lot, with no hookups. It’s generally free and you must be self-contained.

Often there are designated areas for campers. You should always call ahead and verify whether they still allow camping and ask about their rules. Some casinos require campers to come inside and check-in upon arrival. Some don’t require any sort of check-in. You may be given a tag for your window so security knows you’ve checked in and are supposed to be there.

Free Casino Camping Is Plentiful and Easy To Find

I use Campendium.com and CasinoCamper.com to find casino camping. Both of these sites give fairly detailed information about each casino. I often find a lot of really helpful information by reading the reviews. People will tell you where they parked, if they had to check in with someone, even if there were any problems or they felt unsafe.

Once I find a casino where I’d like to spend the night, I like to look up the Google satellite view of the casino address. It helps me get a better feel for what to expect and the best way to enter the campus. Most casinos have really good signage but some don’t and it can be difficult to find the right area to park.

Restaurant and Entertainnmet on Site

One of the benefits of casino camping is having dining and entertainment just steps, or a shuttle ride from your door. You may choose to drop a few dollars into the machine, relax with an adult beverage, or grab a meal from one of the restaurants. They normally have more than one choice of restaurant on the premises.

When you are casino camping it’s important to patronize the establishment in some way. After all, they are letting you stay there for free. Go in and spend a few bucks. It doesn’t have to be a lot.


Casino camping comes with built-in security. Every casino I’ve camped at has had security vehicles patrolling the parking lots twenty-four hours a day. They normally have security cameras as well. I’ve never felt unsafe in a casino lot.

Large Lots With Easy Access

Another benefit of casino camping is the ease of parking. I love that I can stay hitched up and I almost never have to back in. It’s normally easy to pull into the parking lot and find a reasonably level spot. That makes taking off in the morning really simple.

Things Casino Campers Should be Aware Of

Many casinos have paid RV parks with amenities but still offer free dry camping in their parking lots. Check with the casino you have in mind to see if it’s OK for you to stay there.

Keep in mind is you may end up with an idling semi-truck near you. Truckers love casino parking lots too.

Most casinos are on tribal lands. Be respectful and follow the rules. They can and will ask you to leave if you can’t follow their rules.

Don’t break out all of your outside gear and set up camp. It’s fine to bring out a chair to sit on but remember, you’re not in a campground, you’re in a parking lot.

Pro Tip – Look for a tribal gas station nearby. The prices are often lower because there are different rules related to taxes for the tribal nations.

For tips and information on dry camping see, How To Boondock and Dry Camp Successfully.

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