A Beautiful Day on the Water with Family

How can it possibly be August 1st? Summer is flying by but lots of things have been happening. 

I was invited to go out on my brother’s boat with he and his family. It’s not a big boat but there’s room for four. I struggle with my adventurous side sometimes so I really had to work at mentally preparing myself to go. I’m so glad I did though because we had a great day. 

We launched the boat near Potlatch State Park and away we went. 

The first order of business was to drop the crab pots and let them soak for a while. 

We boated around the bay for hours. 


The boys fished.

Someone quietly contemplated life. 

Suzanna and I enjoyed the sun, wind and an occasional spray of water to keep us cool. 

We had a picnic lunch on the boat and and then went to pull the crab pots. 

First pot!

This guy was a keeper but the second pot was empty. The boys put it back down to soak for a while longer.

Later when we pulled it up there were three more! Two were females and had to go back but the other one was a male and legal size so we took home two very tasty Dungeness crabs. 

Such a crabby crab!
Thanks to all three of you for strongly suggesting I come along.

I finally sold my first little Airstream to a really nice man who absolutely loves it. I have scheduled with Ultimate Airstreams in Portland to do some custom work on Bridget. I’m having a washer/dryer installed in mid September. That’s exciting!

Surgery to remove the plate in my wrist has been scheduled for August 27th. I’m hoping that will be an easy recovery. I sure hope the incision is less gnarly this time. 

Still moving forward!

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