Fall Along the Oregon Coast

Yesterday we moved to Coos Bay, Oregon. 

The fall color were definitely at their peak yesterday. The lighting wasn’t the best but around every corner along the first half of our drive I uttered an ooh or aah.  

It’s not a long drive but it was by far the most challenging so far with my new rig. The roads from the I-5 corridor to the coast are two lane, winding, twisting, up and down, with tunnels, bridges, and cliffs! All in all it went pretty smoothly. 

Coos Bay is, of course, on a bay. Our campground is also on the bay and the view is great.

After we checked in at the RV park we set-up camp and set out in search of the ocean. I needed to see and smell the ocean! 

Found it but that cliff is not happening! We went looking for a better spot. 

Better but not safe for Murphy to play. 

Here we go! Murphy completely wore himself out running in the surf and chasing the sea birds. 

It’s impossible to imagine how much sand can be trapped in his fur. My plan was to rinse him off with the outside shower on the Airstream. You know what they say about the best laid plans. 

I haven’t opened the outside shower panel before and I can’t find a key anywhere. I don’t even know if I have one. It was dark, wet and cold outside so in we both went. He immediately went to sleep without even eating his dinner. Needless to say, I’ve been vacuuming a lot!!

The sunset was really pretty last night. I caught this reflection in the back window. It makes me happy.

I lost power last night around 8:30. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was but I isolated it to either the power cord or the 30 to 50 amp converter. Fortunately nothing felt hot. After I got things in the right position I was able to hold power all night. Today I’m going to replace the power cord just to be safe. 

We’ll be here until Halloween when we head for the Sacramento area.

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