Changing Plans and is Stonehenge in Texas?

After thoroughly enjoying the weather tolerating the humid weather in Rockport near the Texas Gulf Coast I rethought my travel plans for the summer. I’ve decided to head toward the lovely Pacific Northwest for the summer months. 

I’m thinking I’ll head east for the fall and south for the winter. In the meantime, spring is a perfect time to visit Utah!  I’ve really wanted to go back there for years but the altitudes were just too high for Rob and it wasn’t safe. 

Utah is amazing. There are several breathtaking National Parks in the southwest part of the state. So, that’s the plan for now. I’m thinking I’ll head home in June or July. 

With our new plan in mind, we left Rockport yesterday. We made about 250 miles then stopped for two nights in the Hill Country again. The flowers along the highways were beautiful. 

The reason I choose to stop here in Kerrville is that there is a Stonehenge replica here and I wanted to take a look. 

Stonehenge II is located in a large, well-maintained field just outside town. There was nobody there when we arrived so Murphy was able to run free. 

We went to the site in the evening which was perfect because of the light. 

Unlike the Stonehenge replica in Virginia, this one is made from plaster so there aren’t tiny styrofoam particles all over the ground. 

The sky was kind of moody looking. When Rob and I visited the real Stonehenge in England I had the creepiest feeling the whole time we were there. This place didn’t feel the same, it was so relaxing.

There are even a couple of Easter Island statue replicas in the park. 

Tomorrow we are off again making tracks for Utah by way of El Paso. 

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