Bridget Gets Some New Upgrades

A week ago I headed for Portland to drop Bridget off at Ultimate Airstreams for a couple of tweaks. I’ve been living without a microwave for over a year and a half. I really couldn’t decide if I needed to keep the gas oven for times when I don’t have electricity or just give in and get a microwave/convection oven with a gas cooktop installed. I finally bit the bullet. 

The new unit is not only beautiful, but the top is flush with the counter and gives me a lot more working space. Having a microwave again is really nice. 

I also had a little storage area added by the door. 
This space is great because I always had stuff piled up on top of the cushion that was there before, and it looked so messy. Now I have two shelves and the top lifts off for more storage. It’s so tidy! 

I stayed with my daughter and son-in-law while I was homeless. When I was getting Bridget ready to go, I kind of crushed my toe under the steps. I went out to empty the refrigerator and freezer and when I flipped the entry stairs down but forgot the curb was under them. The bottom step came down hard on the sidewalk and my big toe, which was caught between. There was so much blood!

My daughter and son-in-law

My poor son-in-law, Ryan, had to rescue me once again. He bandaged my toe and emptied my fridge and freezer. My baby chose well.

I’m thankful I added carpet to the steps recently because if I hadn’t, I think I would have lost the end of my toe. I’m healing well but won’t be wearing closed-toed shoes anytime soon. I’ll spare you the pictures of that particular injury. Because crushed toes. ?

We spent a lot of time sitting on the back deck, watching the kids play and swim in the summer heat. We ate dinner outside and played cards in the evening after the little kids went to bed. It was a lovely week. 

Remember that baby we were anxiously waiting for last winter? She’s 7 months old now and absolutely perfect. Her infectious smile and constant happy mood make everyone around her feel joyful. 

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  1. Your new upgrades look fabulous. What a great idea making shelves in a wasted space. Glad you are still enjoying life in an airstream. We are going south this year … Yeah. booked on the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles Sept 22. Miss the life even though we have a beautiful house. No more snow for me. lol

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