How to Store Your Spices in a Small Space

Store your spices in a small space and keep them fresh. Over the last nine years, I have tried so many ways to store my spices, but nothing worked very well. The containers didn’t hold enough, or the lids wouldn’t stay on.

My spice storage containers committed a multitude of sins like not holding enough, or the opening was too small for a measuring spoon.

The first thing I tried was this set. I loved the way they looked and the number of spices I could keep on hand, but I couldn’t get a measuring spoon in the tubes, and they break very easily.

When I got my Airstream, I decided to go with these magnetic tins. I like them because they hold a lot. Unfortunately, when I travel, the spices sift out a little, and the lids aren’t tight enough to keep them fresh.

Recently I was looking for a specific spice at the grocery store, and I discovered spices now come in little zip-seal bags. That seemed like the answer to my spice storage prayers.

I found some small, food-grade, Mylar zipper bags, and a plastic tray to hold the bags and got to work.

I did this outside because it was pretty messy.

This tray holds 30+ spices, and the bags are large enough to hold a 2 oz bottle of spices. The plastic tray slides into a small space under my kitchen sink where it is dark. I can get a measuring spoon in the bags, and they certainly don’t break. I added some cute spice labels too.

Shall I say it? I’m a happy camper!

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