Dispersed Camping Arizona – 2 Free Locations

When I searched the internet for “dispersed camping Arizona”, then narrowed my search to the southeast corner, two places were of particular interest to me, Indian Bread Rocks and Hackle Road BLM. I always have a backup location or two when I’m moving to a new boondocking site.

I’m sitting in the middle of the desert in Arizona. I can see a few other rigs, maybe four, in the distance. It’s so quiet here.

dispersed camping arizona
Indian Bread Rocks

Yesterday I had planned to stay at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area in Bowie, AZ but when we arrived and drove through I just didn’t feel it so we moved on.

I had a backup plan that worked out just fine. We drove north about fifty miles to some BLM land near Soloman, AZ. It’s a wide-open area surrounded by mountains. We pulled in and crept around until we found a spot away from everyone else.

free camping in arizona

We parked with the front end of the trailer facing the setting sun. I knew it would be cold overnight and we would need the rising sun to warm up the living area of the trailer.

So many pokey things!

I set up my solar panel, rug, chair, and grabbed a very late lunch shake which I drank outside.

Murphy loves it here except everywhere he steps little twiggy things stick to his feet like velcro. We have to get them all our after we come inside and clean up the mess. This morning I got the clippers out and trimmed his feet and lower legs in hopes that will help. It’s better for sure.

This one is gorgeous!

We are adjusting to not having electricity again. But, this morning after my shower, I stood in the bathroom debating whether to dry my bangs or not. Ha! Can’t use the blow dryer without electricity. Problem solved.

I think we’ll move tomorrow in search of a place I can fall in love with. Dispersed camping Arizona is so plentiful.

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3 thoughts on “Dispersed Camping Arizona – 2 Free Locations”

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  2. I am looking forward to where you go next. I am headed that direction the last week of January through end of February. I am hoping New Mexico will have loosened up and can visit one of my favorite State Parks-City of Rocks, north of Deming.

    1. Glenda, Keep an eye on NM. They hadn’t opened state parks back up even before the cases were on the rise again. Only residents can use the parks. I love City of Rocks too and I’ve always wanted to camp there. Maybe someday!

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