RV With Pets – 6 Tips To Make It a Breeze

You can RV with pets! Did you know more than 65 percent of RVers travel with their pets?

RV With Pets

You’ve met Murphy, my best buddy. He’s been a full-time RV dog for most of his life. He was just four months old when he took his first RV trip. Murphy is a seasoned traveler and has been to all of the lower 48 states.

rv with your pets
Murphy at about 5 months.

Traveling with your best friend is not always easy but it’s always worth it. Here are some tips to make it a little easier for you to RV with pets.

After a trip to the dog park.

Riding in the Truck

Make a comfortable place for your pet to rest while en route. Murphy has a back seat hammock to sleep on. It keeps him from sliding around and I can remove it for washing when it gets dirty. He’s lucky enough to have the whole back seat to himself but it’s very versatile. It has zippers that allow me to fold away sections when I need to place something else on the back seat. When we’ve been to the beach or a dirty dog park, I’m always thankful for this cover.

I try to make sure Murphy has enough exercise and can stretch his legs when we have a travel day. We stop at rest areas every two or three hours and go for a little walk and potty break. Then we go inside the trailer and he can get some water and relax for a bit while I do what I need to do. I keep a separate leash and potty bags in the truck.

Chillin’ on the couch.

I always feed him a little handful of special food in the morning so he won’t get car sick. Fresh air helps with car sickness too. You’d laugh at how much thought went into the purchase of my tow vehicle so it would be comfortable for both of us. I got leather interior to help keep it clean inside and a power rear window so he can sit up and stick his head out for fresh air.

I come home to this…

Leaving Pets Alone While You’re Away

One of the most common questions I get is what do I do with him when I have to go somewhere. The answer is, it depends. If I have hookups, I can leave him home if that’s the best option. If I’m concerned that it will get too hot in the Airstream, I’ll set the air conditioner on so it will turn on if it gets too warm. If I don’t have hookups and there’s a chance it could get too hot inside, I take him with me. It’s not always convenient but he’s way too important to me to take that risk.

Getting Your Pet’s Supplies

When RVing with pets, getting their regular supplies can be a challenge. I’m picky about what I feed Murphy and have found high-quality dog food sold at Tractor Supply Company which is everywhere. In late summer we see our vet, get his shots, and his preventative medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

I have to buy big bags of dog food for him so I keep a large, airtight container in the back of the truck and a small one inside the Airstream. I refill the small container every few days.

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