Moochdocking in Texas -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Would Recommend

A dear friend invited me to spend some time moochdocking in his driveway in College Station, Texas, home of the Texas A&M Aggies. Everything is Aggies here. Even the credit union is called Aggieland Credit Union. I have a friend here who offered to let me moochdock in the driveway on his five-acre property. Who can pass up an offer like that?


What is Moochdocking?

Moochdocking is RV camping on a friend or family’s property for free. This might mean parking in their driveway, on the street, or somewhere on their land.

I’m backed under a tree with an electric hookup. Such luxury! Murphy has a lot of room to run here and he’s enjoying the smells of the critters who hang out on the property.

Yesterday my friend Bob and I drove to a BBQ joint he’s been wanting to try, 1775 Texas Pit BBQ. It was fabulous. I ordered a small portion of pork ribs and brisket but oh they were so good.

I did not try the sides or the sauce but the meat didn’t need any sauce. It was melt in your mouth good.

Snagged from 1775 Texas Pit BBQ Facebook page.

Being here has allowed me to restock a few things I was running out of and get some things done. The timing of being here now is also good because someone stole my debit card number and I had to have my card replaced. That means I need to be somewhere long enough to have a new one shipped to me.

I have printed crochet patterns and made sure I have the yarn I need for Christmas gifts. Sitting outside in the desert with Murphy and crocheting cute hats for the grandkids is on my agenda for the next few weeks.

Taken in Bob’s back yard.

I had intended to head for Big Bend National Park next but I had no idea there is very little public land in Texas and finding boondocking sites may be a problem. I’m getting conflicting information on different websites. It’s the busy season in that area and the campsites inside the park are booked.

Stay tuned to find out my next stop because I’m not sure.

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