Wash Your Airstream Curtains- 5 Quick & Easy Steps

Late-model Airstream curtains are generally standard off-white. Let’s face it, white curtains aren’t easy to keep clean but you don’t have to get them dry cleaned.

Please note; Airstream recommends dry cleaning for their curtains.

Can You Machine Wash Airstream Curtains?

I do! Here’s how to take them down, wash them, and put them back up.

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Wash Your Airstream Curtains

The windows on the front and back of my Airstream are curved panoramic windows. The curtains on these windows are made in sections and held in place using a grooved aluminum curtain track above and below the windows. The curtains have elastic tabs with a small plastic curtain glide sewn along the top and bottom of each panel.

I have washed my Airstream curtains multiple times. I wash them in my washing machine on the gentle cycle. I use regular laundry detergent and add some OxiClean. I also partially dry them in my clothes dryer on a low heat setting. This helps avoid wrinkles. They come out looking brand new each time.

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How to Take Airstream Curtains Down

Both ends of your Airstream curtains are snapped to the wall to hold them in place. The first thing to do is unsnap all four of these snaps.

Unsnap your curtains from the wall.

Next, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the retention caps.

Remove the screws from both the top and bottom rails.

Unscrew the screws on the top and bottom tracks and slide the plastic retention cap out of the track.

Remove the retention cap.

Airstream Curtain Removal Tips

It is only necessary to remove the retention caps from the aluminum curtain track on one side of the curtains and slide all the sections out from that side.

Slide the curtain tabs out of the tracks.

As you remove the panels, number them in an inconspicuous place so you can put them back in the same order. There can be enough variance in the panels that this is important. I used a sharpie so I don’t have to mark them each time. Make sure you place the numbers carefully so you can’t see them from inside or outside when they are hung.

Number the panels.

Now you can toss the curtains into the washing machine using the delicate cycle and your favorite detergent. If you have stains, you may want to pre-treat them but don’t use chlorine bleach. I add an OxiClean power pack to the load.

Many Airstreamers choose to air dry their curtains but I like to dry them on low heat for about 20 minutes and put them right back up on my windows to finish drying. I find that I don’t even have to iron them if I use this method.

Immediately remove the panels from the dryer, lay them flat, or drape them over something to avoid wrinkling them while you are hanging them.

Reinstalling Your Airstream Curtains

Now it’s time to hang your fresh, clean Airstream curtains. Simply find the correct numbered panel and slide the curtain glide back into the aluminum curtain track. I do two or three on the top and then the bottom, alternating as I go. Otherwise, they will slide out of the track.

Reinstall your curtains by sliding the glides into the track.

Continue hanging each curtain panel in order. Once you finish, reinstall the end caps and replace the screws on both the top and bottom tracks. Tighten the screws fairly tight so they don’t rattle loose while you’re towing.

Snap the ends back into place.

Now just snap the ends of the curtains back into place to keep them from shifting and stand back to admire your clean curtains.

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