Excited to be a Winter Texan This Year

Becoming a Winter Texan

Murphy and I are going to be Winter Texans this year. I love that Texas calls their winter snowbirds winter Texans instead of tourists. It’s so much more welcoming.

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I’ve been feeling really stuck after more than a year of stationary RV living. One day it dawned on me that I’m not stuck at all. I just need a new plan of attack. Enter workamping.

What is Workamping?

Basically, workamping is working somewhere in exchange for a place to camp in your RV. That’s a simplified version. The jobs, pay, and other benefits vary broadly. I’m going for simple since it’s my very first season.

My workamping job for the fall and winter is in central Texas. I’ll be working in the office at a small RV park that is part of a wildlife safari. My hours will be minimal and I’ll be able to take short trips here and there.

In exchange for my work, I get a full hookup RV site (with electric costs included), access to laundry facilities at no charge, fast wifi, and all the trips through the safari I can handle.

They seem as excited to have me as I am to be going there.

I’ll write more about workamping and how I found my job in the future.

Working My Way Through My To-Do List

I’ve been busy with my list of things to do before I go. I’ve been wanting to improve the look of the inside of my entry door. I recently removed all of my stickers and trim and spent a couple of days applying rose gold metallic paint.

After letting the paint cure I reapplied my stickers and added a new visited states map. I love the way it turned out.

In addition to my door upgrade, I’ve been checking off some long-pending tasks.

  • Removed the toilet and replaced the flange seal, flush valve, and bowl seal.
  • Replaced the circuit board in my furnace.
  • Adjusted my sagging washer/dryer door and cleaned the machine thoroughly.
  • Replaced the propane regulator and pigtails leading to the tanks. I have gauges to tell me how much propane is in the tanks now. This required a lot of muscle so my brother helped me. Thanks Bruce!
  • Flushed the hot water heater.
  • Replaced the exterior storage bay latches.
  • Replaced a broken drawer latch.

I’ve Got More Work To Do

Now it’s time to go through all my stuff and repack the truck bed. That’s a big job.

Murphy isn’t a fan of those long day in the truck and we have a 2,000 mile trip coming up. He’s sure loving these cooler days as we head into fall.

He’s sure going to miss having this beautiful, fenced yard to roam and our family here in Washington.

Travel Planning is Underway

Speaking of 2,000 miles, I’m planning our trip. I’ve got plenty of time to get there so it won’t be painful. We’ll keep the daily miles down in the 250 to 300 mile range to avoid those long days.

I’ve been so busy working on my Airstream that I haven’t done much planning except in my mind. We’ll probably stay at Harvest Hosts locations along the way. Those are always fun to explore. I’m always excited to visit National Parks so I’ll try to work one or two in as we go.

If you want to read more about Harvest Hosts and why I love them, click this link. Our Restful Stay at Vista Ranch Through Harvest Hosts.

More to Come

I’m so excited to be setting out on another adventure. I’ll have plenty to write about and so much to share.

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4 thoughts on “Excited to be a Winter Texan This Year”

  1. Stop by Palm Springs on your way south! Would love to see you! Hwy 395 is a great north – south ca road. Great Harvest Hist in Lone Pine at Mt Whitney Golf course. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks for the HH info. I won’t be going through CA on my way down. The most direct route is through ID, UT, NM, and into Texas. Maybe on the way home. Have a great, sunny winter.

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