Happy to be Winter Texans

Murphy and I are officially Winter Texans. We left Portland on October 17th and arrived here in Central Texas on October 24th. We had a great trip with no snags and perfect weather.

Winter Texans – Trip Stats

Our trip was just over 2,000 miles in 7 days. Our highest fuel price was $5.59 and the lowest was $2.95 per gallon.

Casino Campin in Pendleton, Oregon

We spent three nights at carefully chosen campgrounds with hookups because it was pretty cold some nights. The total cost for all three sites was $60.

If you would like to know how we find cheap or free places to camp, follow this link to Finding A Campsite – How To Choose a Great Place to Camp.

Jerome County Fairgrounds, Jerome, Idaho
Slaton City Park, Slaton Texas
(Free with 30 amp electric)

Our Temporary Home

We have been here in Texas for about two weeks and are getting the lay of the land. The campground/safari is in the middle of nowhere and that’s just the way I like it. This is the kind of campground I seek out when I’m traveling. It’s small, quiet, and low-key, with huge sites, friendly people, and a fenced dog area.

Winter Texans
Our Site for a few months

The best part of the property is the Wildlife Safari. When Murphy and I arrived I took him to the dog run to take care of business and we were greeted by a pair of emus.

Murphy meets the locals.

Since that first day, we have learned surprises await everywhere we walk. Murphy is getting used to the animals but really gets annoyed when the camels or ostrich stick their heads into the truck window.

Murphy’s favorite place to go when we walk is the petting zoo. He’s learning not to get overly excited and bark at the animals. The goats try to head-butt him through the fence.

Petting Zoo Goats

From the highest points in the safari, you can see the RV park and the surrounding area.

Views from the safari’s highest hill.

I’ve been through the safari almost every day since we arrived. I get to take the side-by-side through for an up close and personal experience. It’s great fun. I think we are going to like being Winter Texans.

The nearest little town is just a couple of miles up the road but to get groceries it’s about 30 miles. I’ve been out and about a couple of times but not much. We’ll explore the area as time goes by. I’ll be on the lookout for some genuine Texas BBQ.

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  1. Happy you are a winter Texan and that you made it down ok. I don’t think you will have any icicles hanging from your home this winter.

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