Full-time RVing on a Budget – 2 Ideas for Free Overnight Stops

One of my goals for this trip is to spend as little as possible on sites. Full-time RVing on a budget means saving wherever you can. These are some of my favorite free places to overnight while traveling through an area.

When you’re traveling long distances, it’s so handy to be able to pull in and relax without having to unhitch and set up camp. I just find the most level spot in an area that is approved for overnight parking and unplug my power cord from the truck. Sometimes I put my tongue jack down but other times it’s not necessary. That’s all it takes and we are settled for the night.

On this particular travel day, we left later than I hoped. I honestly hadn’t even decided which route I wanted to take so I just put it in drive and headed toward Eastern Washington. We had a good driving day of 316 miles with no problems and pulled into the Spokane Tribe Casino parking lot around 5:30 pm.

I didn’t have to fuss with reservations or arriving on time. Best of all, I didn’t have to pay for my stay.

Full-time RVing On A Budget – Casino Camping

full-time rving on a budget

I like casino camping because it’s free, spacious, there are good places to let Murphy run, and there are usually security guards around. After going inside to register I took Murphy for a walk and we had dinner. We were both pretty tired.

Harvest Hosts Locations

The Silver Knot, Harvest Hosts

On this particular trip, we were in no hurry but were on the road again by around 10 am. Our destination was Ronan, Montana, an easy 208 miles away. I had found and booked a Harvest Host location for a night.

The Silver Knot, Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is an organization through which businesses can sign up to host campers for an overnight stay with no facilities other than a place to park and dry camp. People who are full-time RVing on a budget will find this program very helpful.

Campers pay an annual membership fee and are able to camp for one night at any of the locations provided they have space available that night. You must call and make prior arrangements to stay. Hosts include family farms, vineyards, cultural organizations, breweries, museums, and attractions.

Some Of My Other Harvest Hosts Location Stays

Our Restful Stay at Vista Ranch Through Harvest Hosts

Full-Time RV Travel – It’s Critical to Pause and Reflect

Our destination was The Silver Knot, a family-run farm and wedding venue in the shadow of the Mission Mountains. They are in the process of building a small (15 pull-through sites) full hook-up RV park on the property as well.

Our early morning walk in the pasture.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this location. The owners, Traci and Kurt are welcoming, warm, and very hospitable. They offer some electrical hook-ups for a fee so I chose one of them. This decision was not so good for my full-time RVing on a budget plan but I was able to make it up in another area.

The view from our door.

We met some great people camping here last night and chatted until it was dark and very cold. Murphy and I are enjoying this place so much I asked to stay an additional night. We spent the morning sitting outside in the warm Montana sunshine chatting with another solo female traveler named Randy.

This evening we went for another long walk through the pastures and down to the creek. Murphy had a blast.

Tomorrow we’re off to central Montana via Glacier National Park.

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