Full-Time RV Travel – It’s Critical to Pause and Reflect

My full-time RV travel plans are much more fluid these days. But, recently I’ve been questioning myself and my lifestyle. I wasn’t sure I should share this post because I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I try to keep it real around here so here it is.

I just went through a really bad few days of travel apathy. Sometimes I get out here on the road and start to wonder what the heck I’m doing out here all alone. For the last few days, I’ve been really struggling with where to go next. The weather has been quite unpleasant. I feel like we have been running from cold, wind, and rain for days. That’s how we ended up here in Blue Eye, Missouri on Flat Acre Farm. I have a Harvest Hosts membership and Flat Acre Farm is one of the hosts.

Flat Acre Farm

The owners, Norm, and Rhonda are the most generous and amazing people I’ve met in a very long time. They treat their guests like family. Norm shared his story with me on the day we arrived at the farm. We were both in tears by the end.

Murphy checking out the chickens.

I was originally planning to stay two nights but it has turned into five. I’m leaving tomorrow but this stay has allowed me to collect myself, make a plan, and stay warm at the same time.

The cutest little calves.

I’ve come to realize I go through these phases once in a while. I do get lonely but I also love this lifestyle. During the times when it’s not easy, I just have a talk with myself, count my blessings, and get it together.

We went out a couple of times. It’s only 25 miles to Branson, MO so I poked around there. Full-time RV travel can make it difficult to find specialty grocery items and I was able to find a health food store and replenish some of my hard-to-find grocery items.

Another day we went to Eureka Springs, AR. It’s about a mile or two to the Arkansas border from here. Eureka Springs is about 30 miles away. What a darling little town but boy was it busy. We hit the chappel and got out of Dodge.

full-time rv
Norm and Rhonda’s campfire was shared with their guests.

Over the last five days, I’ve changed my mind about my next destination many times. NE Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, and The Great Smokey Mountains National Park were all contenders. However, I’ve decided to head for Texas. The weather is looking good, I have friends there, and there are a lot of great places to camp. There are also some national parks I’d like to visit in Texas.

So yea, full-time RV travel is not all butterflies and unicorns but that’s OK.

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