Camping in Quartzsite, Arizona During This Horrible Pandemic

Camping in Quartzsite

After leaving Tucson we made our way to the Quartzsite, Arizona area. There is an abundance of public land available for Camping in Quartzsite. Each year thousands of RVers flock to this area for the perfect weather and free (or nearly free) camping.

camping in quartzsite

This year camping in Quartzsite is a bit different. Our Canadian friends are safely tucked away at home due to the pandemic. I know many of them are missing Arizona this year. I understand the there are usually many more campers here.

Types of Public Land Camping in Quartzsite

There are two types of camping on these public lands. Short-term, fourteen days or less, and long-term. There are specific areas designated Long Term Visitor Areas or LTVAs. You must purchase a permit (currently $180) to use LTVAs between September 15th and April 15th. With the purchase of your permit, you get access to water, a dry dump station, trash service and, vault toilets. You also get a whole lot of neighbors and dust.

There are other areas where you can camp up to fourteen days in a twenty-eight-day period. There is no charge for this dispersed camping but you do have to move after your fourteen days are up. This is much more my style of boondocking.

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land here. Camping is allowed in designated areas on a great deal of the land.

For this stay, I wanted to be away from town, and near the Kofa Wildlife Refuge so I chose to go south of Quartzsite.

Finding Out Perfect Spot

When I got here the other day, I just drove around the BLM land looking for the perfect spot. I take it slow, and I’m sure Murphy just wants to be done with it. I like to position the trailer in such a way that the sun warms my sitting area in the morning and there is shade on the door side in the afternoon for sitting outside. And, don’t forget to take advantage of the views.

There will be upcoming posts about the area. Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “Camping in Quartzsite, Arizona During This Horrible Pandemic”

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  3. We will surely miss heading south this year?
    Another place to consider is off of Plomosa road, head over the pass and start looking for dry camping sites on your right. It is close to Bouse community park for water and dump and propane is at the KOA south of town. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yesterday Murphy and I drove into Quartzsite to check things out. It’s pretty quiet right now. I found the transfer station and dumped my garbage and went to The RV Pitstop to fill my water jug. I haven’t scouted any spots other than to the south of town yet. Thanks for the tip!

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