Living In An RV – 5 Common Questions About This Adventurous Lifestyle

Today I’d like to answer some of the most common questions about living in an RV I get from my readers and from people I have talked with in person over the years. The photos are some of my favorites from over the past couple of years.

living in an rv
The Texas Hill Country

Q: How do you get your mail while living in an RV?

A: I have a mailbox at a PostNet location. They store my mail and when I’m in a place where I can have it sent to me, I give them a call or send an email and ask them to forward my mail to me. I’ve had this same address for more than eight years. The reason I choose them is the address reads like a street address rather than a post office box which makes it more acceptable to businesses, insurance companies, etc.

Salton Sea, California

Q: Where do you store all of your things if you don’t have a home?

A: When my late husband and I started living in an RV and traveling, years ago we decided not to keep and store anything we couldn’t take along with us. We had much larger RVs during that time so it really was doable. Now I do have a few things in an outbuilding at my brother’s place where I spend summers. Most of those things are outdoor furniture, my big BBQ grill, etc. If I had to pay to store those things, I wouldn’t have them. Other than that, everything I own is in my truck or trailer.

My brother’s place

Q: Do you ever regret becoming a full-time RVer?

A: I can honestly say, I have never once regretted making this choice. I think my reasons were a bit different than most because of my late husband’s medical situation. I just knew I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life home alone, unable to do much of anything except watch TV or surf the internet, while my spouse was at work. The day I realized we had other choices I started working toward this lifestyle and have never looked back.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Q: What do you miss most about having a sticks and bricks home?

A: I miss my gardens. I love gardening and find it therapeutic. Someday though, I’ll have gardens again.

New York State, Rest Area

Q: If you could start over, what would you have done differently?

A: I’d have an exit strategy. Maybe a little plot of land somewhere with a small building, water, sewer or septic, and electric or solar. All the other mistakes were just learning experiences and got me where I am today.

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Murphy in Montana

If you have a question ask it in the comments below. By now you probably know I’m an open book for the most part.

The Florida Keys

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living in an RV

3 thoughts on “Living In An RV – 5 Common Questions About This Adventurous Lifestyle”

  1. thanks for answering questions. very helpful. you said you wish you had an exit strategy with a plot of land. what kind of exit are you thinking? having a permanent place for your RV, or a house? thanks again and take care.

    1. Hi Terri,
      When I say exit strategy, I mean at some point I’m going to want to stop traveling full-time. I wish I had a little bit of land with utilities and at least a structure to park my Airstream under for protection from the weather.
      Ideally, I love a tiny indoor living space with a bathroom, washer/dryer, and room to spread out with projects. I’d like an outdoor space too and a place to garden.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Once I get my Airstream I plan to travel around the West and find a place that suits me to buy a small place with a garden.

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