Campsite Decorating Ideas You’ll Love – 2 Design Boards

These campsite decorating ideas will help you make your outdoor living space beautiful, comfortable, and easy to set up. Decorating your campsite has a huge impact on your overall camping experience.

Have you ever walked through a campground and noticed a particularly inviting outdoor living space? We’ll take a look at how to put all of the elements together and make the outdoor space more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye.

campsite decorating ideas

Campsite Decorating Ideas

These campsite decorating ideas will help make the outdoor living space near your RV feel more like home and less like a temporary setup when you’re spending time outdoors.

I’ve curated two distinctly different looks for decorating your campsite and included them below. Each design board has links to all included products immediately below the image.

Start at the Bottom

The foundation of your outdoor living space is the rug you choose. A good outdoor camping rug will withstand the outdoor elements and provide a clean surface to walk on.

Outdoor camping rugs are generally made out of recycled materials like soda bottles or straws so they are very low maintenance and easy to care for. These rugs come in various sizes from as small as 4′ x 6′ to as large as 9′ x 16′.

I like either one very large rug or two smaller rugs for my outdoor living area. This allows me to walk from one end of my rig to the other in my bare feet. It also allows me to spread out and gives me more options for arranging the space.

If you keep your outdoor camping rug cleaned off, you’ll find your RV floors stay much cleaner too. I’ve got a small, battery-powered leaf blower I use to keep my rug clean.

Most are fairly utilitarian in design, and not particularly attractive. I think I’ve found a good combination of both.

I start decorating a campsite by choosing the outdoor camping rug then base my other choices on the color and style of the rug we have chosen.

Next Up, Chairs!

The next item you need is furniture. Folding camping chairs are a good choice. You’ll need a chair for each member of your crew. These pieces of furniture are easy to transport and set up in an outdoor setting as well as being comfortable enough for lounging.

I am most comfortable with my feet up so unless your chair has a footrest, consider an ottoman or footstool. This will help make your outdoor living area feel complete. It also adds a pop of color.

These days camping chairs come in so many styles including hanging, rocking, lounge, and your basic folding models.

How To Find The Perfect Camping Chair

Side Tables

When you wander outside first thing in the morning with your steaming cup of coffee, you’ll need somewhere to set the cup. When decorating a campsite, remember the side table. There are so many choices but my favorite side tables fold up and store in a small bag. They are sturdy and quick to set up.

Campsite Decorating Ideas Pictured above


Don’t forget the lighting! Whether you’re playing cards at the picnic table or chatting with a cocktail in your hand, you’ll need some lighting.

Here’s a great campsite decorating idea, vintage-style lanterns. I absolutely love vintage-style lanterns. They often have a modern twist though, they are rechargeable and have adjustable LED lights.

Small LED lights really warm up the look of outdoor living spaces. You can use them to create a romantic outdoor living space. They’re great for outdoor entertaining too!

You can even use them for outdoor parties or special occasions at home.

They are low wattage and run off either batteries or solar power, so they are safe to use anywhere outdoor lighting is required without worrying about cords or electricity.

They are very lightweight too so your little ones can use them for walking around in the dark or as a nightlight.

String Lights

I love the look of a pretty string of lights around a campsite. It’s just so warm and inviting. There are literally thousands of choices for string lights. Some are electric, some are solar, and some are battery-powered.

You can hang them from your awning or drape them across your campsite. Have fun and be creative. You’ll love the results.

Campsite Decorating Ideas Pictured above


I like to use a tablecloth or cover on my picnic tables. You never know what happened there before you arrived. Better to cover it all up and start fresh. But table cloths also make a pretty visual statement. Whether you like the traditional red and white checkered cloth or something a bit more in line with your personality, a tablecloth gives you another opportunity to bring some life into your outdoor living space.

I choose vinyl because it acts as a barrier and is easy to clean. if you get a good quality tablecloth, you can use it over and over. They even have sets with bench covers. No more tushy splinters! These are functions campsite decorating ideas.

Footrest or Ottoman

There are several types of footrests you can use for camping that are easy to pack away and functional and still attractive. I like inflatable styles with removable, washable covers. They are sturdy, comfortable, super lightweight, and compact down for storage. I’ve been using one for over two years with no problems.

There are also foldable styles that work just like the case of a camping chair. I find those a bit less comfortable but you don’t have to inflate them.

There are many aspects to outdoor living space, but these are some of my favorites. Hopefully, this post has given you ideas for your outdoor living space when camping.

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